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One of the more common types of pince nez glasses was hard bridge pince nez. (Also known as Fingerpiece pince nez. or Fits-U Pince Nez. Prior to this invention pince nez were connected by a flexible spring. One of the challenges of Spring Bridge pince nez (also known as C bridge Pince nez) was the inability to center the lenses on the face. Any time the frames were worn the center of the lens was in a different place, making the pupillary distance inexact and inefficient. Another issue was the constant breakage of the spring bridge due to constant opening and closing / adjustment.

Invented by Jules Cottet in 1893, Hard Bridge Pince Nez connected to each other with a hard saddle like bridge, and pinched the nose with 2 little spring plaquettes that could be pulled open and placed on the nose. The patent was eventually acquired and made popular by Amecan Optical and marketed as Fits-U Pince nez.

One of the disadvantages of hard bridge pince nez, was the need for many more sizes than spring bridge pince nez since there was less flexibilty. aism to bridge you a large selection of hard bridge fingerpiece and Fits-U Pince Nez for sale.

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