Why PinceNez.com Now?

Hello and Welcome to the newly designed and rededicated pincenez.com, your one stop resource for genuine antique pince nez glasses as well as all types of vintage eyeglass frames from the years 1850 through the 1990's.

What is new about this website? We have owned this domain for many years since buying it off of a company that went out of business is 2012. I do not recall weather they sold pince nez frames or it was a blog about vintage eyeglasses or something else unrelated. 

The reason we purchased this website was to create a site dedicated to assisting people in understanding the history of pince nez as well to sell our pince nez glasses we had for sale. At the time we mainly sold vintage cat eye glasses as well as other antique eyeglasses such as windsor eyeglasses and other types of vintage eyewear. Pince Nez Glasses were also a big part of our identity and made up a large part of our revenue.This plan never really materialized for reasons to be mentioned later on.

At the time we had really good search rankings in google and other search engines for keywords we needed in order to get our website in front of our target market. for a while we were ranked number 2 in organic search on google as well as bing and yahoo. Later on we kept moving around on page 1. We felt like this was justified since we provided information about the history of pince nez glasses as offering them for sale.


Recently we opened up our search analytics only to find that we did not rank anywhere on the top 20 pages of google for the search term "pince nez". Who was ranked on top? ebay and etsy and the various dictionaries, which is understandable, but a new genre of websites started ranking high up for this keyword: companies selling cheaply made reading glasses in the form of pince nez! Many sites claiming this is what pince nez are! An uneducated reader couldn't be blamed for thinking that this was the new meaning of pince nez. A customer wanting to buy genuine vintage pince nez would have to look elsewhere, not on the search engines.


Seeing this (and obviously the inability to sell pince nez without the search traffic) has given us the drive to once again recommit to the original goal of pincenez.com and delve into the history of antique and vintage pince nez glasses. We will keep updating this blog with articles and information, as well as new listings. 

Come join us for the ride!